Like the flames of the Phoenix you were born to rise!


Radiance Marketing

Many of us are waking up to the idea that we can be a part of the solution. That our lives can truly be a reflection of our highest values while making positive contributions in our world. New Phoenix Rising harnesses the power of people making a difference to create a community that supports personal freedom and soul purpose. Balancing the emphasis between time freedom, social change and prosperity, we have created a space for you to passionately embody your dreams.
You were not born to live a life of pain and suffering. You were sent forth to bring your own unique grace onto this world. Is it not time to liberate the spirit of our inner child, to embrace the true brilliance of our origins, to allow the love that desires to shine through us, to be birthed onto this plane as a transformation, to heal not only the consciousness of mankind but to become the expression of great joy and great freedom? 
When all else has failed, we return back to the basics, back to the fundamentals of a simplistic way of being, back to the expression of our true authentic selves. By returning to the supremacy of love we begin to understand how powerful love actually is in the conception of universal tranquility throughout our communities and ultimately embodied throughout the entirety of our world. Love has the power to change others, and by loving someone you become your own witness towards how powerfully that love changes yourself. 
You have the inner authority to create what ever your heart desires. The basic principle of our opportunity revolves around what we call Radiance Marketing. Those who do choose to distribute our products by sharing them with others will in turn personally benefit from doing so. This can grow to become a time freeing residual income stream. 
You were born to follow the pathway of your heart while you embody your passion for living as a result of fulfilling your ever-evolving dream. 
What's Your Dream?
What is it that you've always wanted to do but for whatever reason, you've not yet done? We are speaking about your heart's desire, the thing that gets your pulse racing when you allow yourself to think about it!
Many of us have almost forgotten what that feeling is like, because we've told ourselves stories about why we cannot do, be, or have whatever that special something is. Perhaps it's as simple as being a full-time parent without the worry or restrictive concerns about money. Maybe it's a special journey to an exotic location, or the ability to work for causes that you believe in without concern about being paid. Perhaps you want a lifestyle, which allows all of these things and more.
Will You Allow It?
Life is about choices. We offer you the opportunity to achieve your heart's desires with a community of like-minded individuals eager to make a difference in their world. At New Phoenix Rising, we live and teach the process of creating success as a Spiritual Journey, where the process is as important as the outcome; where success is defined as much by the feelings in your heart as the dollars in your wallet. Fulfillment starts with having a dream and being willing to take action. Next, one must have a vehicle that supports the expression of that passion and dream. We've created a space for you to connect with your dream (if you are not already) and most importantly, to live your dream now! Our nature-based marketing system is designed to fit your lifestyle, integrating your life into a seamless whole, moving you toward pollinating for yourself the blossoming life that you truly deserve.
What Makes Us Unique?
It really comes down to simplicity and empowerment. The key to creating sustainable prosperity is leading from the heart while teaching simple actions which support and empower you to live from the inside out. As you integrate these values, life becomes a seamless experience, an expression of your inner joy. At it’s core, New Phoenix Rising is a pathway from the old paradigm to the new. This is evident in our Social Change Initiatives and in the way that we address our opportunity as both a pathway to higher consciousness and a vehicle to return home. 
Many people have become disheartened by both business and our social collective market place. We now live in the ever-evolving aftermath of the physical, mental and emotional destruction that has been caused by both corporate and individual power grabs at the impulse of disingenuous greed. Those of us who still have maintained the values of an integral heart have begun disassociating ourselves from the world of big business and materialistic economics on a return path towards the wholesome and healing prosperity offered onto us through a reconnection with the laws of nature. At New Phoenix Rising we aspire to build a bridge to create an alchemical blending between both the intelligence of nature and the world of business. With our core purpose being to restore balance within our current radically polarized society. We understand that healing and happiness is an inside job. That in order to restore harmony upon our planet we must first find balance within our own internal workings and then offer life changing support and assistance to others that may be struggling to find their footing on their journey home to the soulfulness of whom they really are. 
The collective market place is only a constructed opinion, a perception that has unfortunately been based on the foundations of separation, scarcity, fear and an imbalanced gluttonous deprivation towards the whole of mankind. For decades we have consumed more than what the earth is capable of naturally producing to keep up with our instantaneous demands. Through choosing to participate in our company you have the opportunity to co-create a new leading edge perception of how exchanging both products and information out of true integrity can manifest and change the nature of the marketplace itself. This is part of the change taking place within the consciousness of mankind. For when the heart is opened and the mind is healed, is it not true that one begins to see the insanity of its previous creations?
We are unique in the sense that our vision has its roots in our principal desire to lead with an example of how new forms can be created so that there still can be the exchange of products and information but through a vehicle that shines a light on what it means to live through the integrity of the heart. Meanwhile we can begin offering service towards the evolution of humanities wellbeing first and foremost. By healing the collective wound of fear and separation, by recovering from the need to dominate, manipulate and control our environments in determent to creating prolonged suffering towards others and towards disrupting the sacredness within the earthly ecosphere that supports us, we can finally begin to bring in a frequency of true loveliness towards a new era, a new generation that ultimately unveils itself to understanding and trusting the natural cycles of authentic wisdom through living in a renewed state of intelligent regeneration.
Our Invitation
Through our intention within both our products and opportunity we have manifested a great treasure that we wish to share with others. We aim to inform our communities that there is a new way and a better way of being. That is very much a part of what the vehicle of New Phoenix Rising is all about. To lift the limits off of our consciousness and merge into creating a reality without condemning restrictions so that we can live a life of infinite possibility. 
We are not seeking to convince anyone to do anything, yet rather to invite them into a journey that they may find as being in alignment with their own values. 
We invite you to join us on what we call the “Voyage to Lemuria”, an uncharted inner expedition to the fabled land where all is in balance. Explore the steps below to see just how simple our opportunity truly is!
Below is a video and visual description of how our business model works within the structure of three simple steps that when repeated over time can lead towards a path of successful prosperity in your life.

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Basic Distributorship



Unlimited discounted product purchases forever


Your own online web-store (website) for your use


Get paid bonuses on all purchases made by those you refer to New Phoenix Rising


Access to training materials for Distributors


Access to the following commission bonuses:

Retail Bonus:

Get paid for purchases made by your Customers

3 is Free: 

Earn free BioLumina for having 3 active Customers

Uni Level Bonus: 

Various commissions on up to 8 generations of Distributors

Check Match:

Assist your Distributors to get bigger checks and yours grows too

Infinity Bonus: 

Earn on an infinite number of levels in your growing business

Rank Achievement Rewards:

Each Rank you achieve earns you bigger and better rewards 

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No obligation to build a business


No Autoship requirement


Upgrade to Business Builder Distributorship at any time by purchasing our Initiate Pack




One time $5 set-up fee


Social security (or federal tax ID) number required


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Business Builder Distributorship



Same as Basic Distributorship Plus all of the following


$5 fee waived


Automatic Rank Advance to Novice level (permanent)


Access to additional commission bonuses, 

(higher payments) including:

Initiate Bonus: 

Our most lucrative bonus for actively building Distributors

Builder Bonus: 

5 times the normal payout on new Distributor purchases!

Thrive Pool:

Share in our worldwide sales!

Think Locally Bonus:

Create income for the nonprofit of your choosing

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One time purchase of an Initiate Pack


$300 + Shipping includes:

2 Jars of BioLumina Spirulina, 30 BioLumina Sample Packs 30 Brochures, and 1 Engraved Shaker Jar

Social security (or federal tax ID) number required


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