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1. Honor, learn from, and work with Nature

Nature is intelligent! It is humans who have managed to create all of the major challenges that we face today. To turn things around, we must humble ourselves enough to first recognize that intelligence and then actively seek to learn from it.

All of the many “bad ideas” which are wreaking havoc on our Earth and our bodies are created out of an arrogance which, it’s rapidly becoming clear, is taking us down a path that leads only to more pain.

At New Phoenix Rising, we are taking a different path, one that leads to healing, joy and re-connection with the natural world.


Intrinity Plus

2. Create solution based products which address the most critical health challenges that we face today

Some of the biggest challenges we face today are not even being discussed. We are not only talking about them, we are providing answers in the form of products that nourish, protect and restore the innate balance to our body mind and soul. By looking beneath the surface, we’ve come up with innovative, nature based solutions.

Whether it’s airborn chemicals, GMO's in our food, or EMF radiation around us, we’ve got you covered. Along with our products, we teach simple ways to deal with other issues affecting us all so that your life is rich and fulfilling.



3. Understand traditions in order to move beyond them

Modern quantum physics is providing new understandings of how energy plays a role in healing. This new information is aligned with many ancient teachings about the nature of life and our relationship with the universe and it incorporates our energy body as well as our physical body.


While there is a growing body of evidence for this energy approach, most companies are stuck in the old chemical model. At New Phoenix Rising, we utilize innovative approaches that work on the whole person engaging the most advanced energy medicine technology to bring you optimal health solutions that work!


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Intrinity Plus



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BioLumina Shaker Jar