What Makes New Phoenix Rising Unique?

The core intention of the New Phoenix Rising compensation plan:

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To attract and create an independent community of individuals who are freed from the drudgery of 9 to 5, who are united in their desire to manifest the deep and meaningful evolution of consciousness on Earth and through their own personal empowerment become the effective agents of change so needed on this planet at this unique time
If all you are receiving for your work is a paycheck, you're being grossly underpaid
Changing the World, One Member at a Time

Notice we said nothing about getting rich? Not because we are against it, (after all, this is a compensation plan, for goodness sakes!), but simply because we recognize that what is truly needed on Earth at this time are Conscious Beings, people who are sincere in their desire to make a difference in themselves and their world at the most fundamental levels.

Our goal for you, our Members, is that you create the means through this compensation plan to free your time to follow your heart, nothing less. How much money do you need to do that? That is a question for you to answer.

~ Free your mind ~ Heal your heart ~ Free your time ~
What's Your Dream?

What is it that you've always wanted to do but for whatever reason, you've not yet done? We are speaking about your heart's desire, the thing that gets your pulse racing when you allow yourself to think about it!

Many of us have almost forgotten what that feeling is like, because we've told ourselves stories about why we cannot do, be, or have whatever that special something is.

Perhaps it's as simple as being a full-time parent without the worry or restriction that comes with "too much month when the money runs out." Maybe it's a special journey to an exotic location, or the ability to work for causes that you believe in without concern about being paid. Perhaps you want a lifestyle which allows all of these things and more.

Will You Allow It?
Life is About Choices

We offer you the opportunity to achieve your heart's desires with a community of like-minded individuals but with a difference:

At New Phoenix Rising, we live and teach the process of creating success as a Spiritual Journey, where process is as important as outcome; where success is defined as much by the feelings in your heart as the dollars in your wallet.

Fulfillment starts with having a dream and being willing to take action. Next, one must have a vehicle that supports the expression of that passion and dream. We've created a space for you to connect with your dream (if you are not already) and most importantly, to live your dream now! Our nature-based marketing system is designed to fit your lifestyle, integrating your life into a seamless whole, moving you toward the life you know that you deserve.

Which path will you choose?