E.Q. Training Seminars

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What is E.Q?

Simply put, EQ is emotional intelligence. When we talk about having a high IQ, we are referring to a person's intellectual capacity as measured by specific criteria. While this is useful information, it does not tell the whole story of a person's ability or likelihood to succeed in life much less be happy. That our culture values IQ over EQ is evident in many arenas such as our school system for example.

To use our school system as but one example, as a nation we have fallen far behind academically as compared to where we once were, and yet the main stream solutions presented do not generally address the real reasons for the downturn, or the real opportunities we have when we recognize what is truly called for.

While it is beyond the scope of this discussion to address the many issues which contribute to emotional trauma, which is such a large factor in compromising our educational system, certainly we can make a huge impact when we begin to address the issue of EQ. As a company, one of our priorities is to support the development of emotionally literate people, since we know that this will have a ripple effect not only within the culture of New Phoenix Rising, but within our communities and indeed, our world.

Our training has 3 main components. Our business training, our empowerment training, and our guest seminar series, designed to leverage the vast body of work which is currently being offered in the progressive thought movement. We welcome you to your next step!

Welcome to Your Next Step!
Network Marketing 101
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This seminar is intended for new and seasoned Network Marketers who wish to not only deeply understand what it takes to create a successful MLM experience with New Phoenix Rising, but who wish to understand what is at the core of the New Phoenix Rising mission. It is presented in several formats and because of the interactive nature of the training, it always provides new insights for attendees, even those who have attended in the past. The seminar picks up where the training manual leaves off and contains much real world wisdom and "how to" information that can be much better expressed in a training format than in a book. It's "must do" training for anyone serious about building a business in partnership with New Phoenix Rising.

Empowerment Basics

New Phoenix Rising's Empowerment Basics is a 2 day, life changing weekend, which is intended to create significant change in your personal paradigm; the way you see and interact with your world. The results you create. The joy you experience. The empowerment you feel and the creativity you express. This seminar activates a sense of each person's unique ability to bring their authentic self forward in ways that add to their individual strengths and innate talents. Using experiential techniques which produce far more effective and long lasting results than book learning, skills learned in this seminar can positively affect a person for their entire life.

Do you ever feel like you are wanting or trying to make changes but keep getting the same results?

Do you find yourself not relating to the kinds of expectations that others have about you or your life?

Whatever your results up to this point have been, this seminar provides the launch pad to move you to the next level of relationship, communication, personal effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Empowerment Basics is an dynamic, stand alone seminar based on proven methods that are a blend of psychological and energetic techniques designed for powerful change by working from the inside out. It takes place over 2 1/2 days during which you are immersed in a space of total attention to your process. Although this seminar is the first step in a seminar series, there is no requirement or need to take any other seminars to experience the full benefits of Empowerment Basics. There are no prerequisites or special requirements to attend this workshop and while this experience is directly applicable to an MLM business (or any kind of business), it is not an MLM workshop. life balance

Guest Seminar Series

In our quest to bring you, our Members, the finest and freshest insights and information related to the core mission of New Phoenix Rising, we provide an ongoing series of lectures and workshops hosted by leading edge New Thought teachers, authors and visionaries. These opportunities are a rare privilege to have exposure to ideas that can enhance and expand your vision of what is possible within not only the context of your own life, but in the global view of what is occurring on our precious Earth today. Thought provoking and mind and heart expanding, these encounters are another example of what makes New Phoenix Rising unique among Network Marketing companies today.