As a company, we see the need to re-define the conversation about our relationship to the Earth. In our culture, we are conditioned to see ourselves as separate. Separate from each other, separate from the Earth, and separate from God. The challenge begins with our thinking and perceptions, and manifests in our actions. In the ancient Hawaiian way of understanding and living in harmony with nature, each family group was responsible for a tract of land which stretched from the mountain tops to the sea. In this system, the people were intimately aware of the "downstream" effects of their actions. The concept which we call "trash" and to "throw it away" did not exist. By the simple yet profound act of designing land stewardship based on an ecosystem rather than an "egosystem" the Hawaiians lived in a very different paradigm in their relation to Earth than western culture does today.

At New Phoenix Rising, we are aware of the challenge and the opportunity which is built in to our role as a corporation. Because we know that we have the potential to influence; a potential much greater than an individual, we take our role seriously. We strive to emulate the patterns of natural wisdom that are part and parcel of this planet we call home. We seek to be in active, loving relationship with "our environment." The ways we do this are varied, from how we package our products to the choices we make about where we hold events.


Since we see the Earth as a living being, we have a different take on what direction to pursue in terms of our environment than a traditional science based approach. While science in it’s pure form is nothing less than the search for truth, in recent times, mainstream science has become narrow in thinking and consequently ignores vast amounts of information and perspectives which hold keys to our future. Some of this is due to the staggering influence of corporations and some is due to fear of ridicule.

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Fortunately there are bold and progressive thinking individuals in the scientific realm who are willing to think outside the box, do not run for cover at the mention of the word "spirituality" and are able to see through the intense corporate influence on their profession. In addition, these pioneers realize that there is much wisdom to be gained from indigenous cultures concerning our approaches to solving the dilemmas of our time. Many of these pioneers are partnering with New Phoenix Rising.