Who Are We?

From the Founders

We want you to know us by our names, pictures and bio's, but just as importantly by how we think, what we feel, how we act and our world view. Some of what is on this page is traditional information like you'd find on any other company's websites, while other information is designed to tell you more about who we really are. We place the emphasis on the latter because we feel that it's the more important information...

As Above, So Below


The late Christopher Hills and New Phoenix Rising founder Lance Leonard

Our dear friend and mentor Christopher Hills had a prominent sign on the front of his home written in Aramaic. We read it each time we visited. It translated to: “As Above So Below”. It is a great reminder to each of us of the possibility of creating “Heaven on Earth,” and that it is our responsibility to choose that reality.

We live in a reality that is heralded by our ability to create whatever we might imagine and all of it, whether we admit it or not, is our creation. If we don't like what we see, we can recreate it into something that is more suited to our desires. If we like what we see, using universal law, we can create more or differently, the choice is up to us.

While the earth is not our ultimate home, it is our work to find out how we can live here in harmony and balance, creating joy, fun and a path for others to follow. New Phoenix Rising is a vehicle for both the creation of our deepest desires and a tool which can provide us with an instant reflection to help us refine our abilities and heal the parts of ourselves that are asking for our attention.

We are a group of people with extensive and diverse backgrounds. What unites us is this common focal point: the awareness of the need for healing in our troubled world along with the knowledge of a great shift which is occurring, the desire to make a significant contribution to this planet and it's inhabitants and, the sense of urgency about the need for action towards these ends. Those sentiments aside, we also all desire to take action in a spirit of honesty and playfulness!

Some of the Organizations and events which New Phoenix Risings' Founders have co-created or significantly supported

Social Change Foundation

McKenzie River Gathering MRG


Cultural Arts Event

Oregon Country Faire


Credit Union

OUR Federal Credit Union

Domestic Violence prevention

CADA Citizens Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse




Charter Schools

ARC Lopez Island

Kanuikapono Kauai


Public Radio



Indigenous Wisdom

School of Guayusa


Anti-Bullying Teen Program

Challenge Day