Compensation Plan

The core intention of the New Phoenix Rising compensation plan:
To attract and create an independent community of individuals who have transcended the paradigm of trading their time for money, who are united in their desire to call forth the evolution of consciousness on Earth and through their own personal empowerment, become the effective agents of change so needed on this planet at this unique time.
Changing the World by Changing Ourselves
Notice we said nothing about getting rich? Not because we are against it, (after all, this is a compensation plan), but simply because we recognize that what is truly needed on Earth at this time are Conscious Beings, people who are sincere in their desire to make a difference in themselves and their world at the most fundamental levels. Our goal for you, our Members, is that you create the means through this compensation plan to free your time to follow your heart, nothing less. How much money do you need to do that? That is a question for you to answer.
“If all you are receiving for your work is a paycheck, you're being grossly underpaid”
~ Free your mind ~ Heal your heart ~ Free your time ~
Here you will find the explainations of the many ways in which you can earn an income stream as a distributor with New Phoenix Rising. 



Retail Bonus



Retail Bonus is paid on orders placed by your retail customers. Retail Bonus is the difference between the retail price and the Distributor price. For example, the Retail Bonus on a jar of BioLumina is $10, while the Retail Bonus on a large Intrinity Plus is $42 per unit. 




3 Is Free


When the total number of units of BioLumina ordered by your retail customers adds up to 3 within any single calendar month, the normal payout of $10 per unit is replaced with 1 free BioLumina in your next month’s order; you only pay shipping. You are also automatically considered active.
Everytime the action of 3 is free is achieved in your business, New Phoenix Rising automatically sets aside money to help feed people in need.
(This bonus requires you being on Autoship)
Builder Bonus
Each time you personally sponsor a new Distributor who purchases any individual units of product (Initiate Packs excluded), you are paid 5 times the normal Unilevel Bonus during the first 60 days from the day that they sign up. For example, for each jar of BioLumina you would be paid $10 instead of $2; for one medium Intrinity, you would earn $31.25 instead of $6.25
(This bonus requires you having purchased an Initiate Pack)
Initiate Bonus
Each time a Distributor in your first 3 levels purchases an Initiate Pack “IP”, you earn Initiate Bonus.
(This bonus requires you having purchased an Initiate Pack)
Uni Level Bonus
Unilevel bonus is a percentage of the total sales of your business. Each time you achieve a new rank, Unilevel adds another level deeper until it reaches 8 levels.
Thrive Pool
The Thrive Pool is 1% of worldwide company sales divided between anyone who qualifies. When at least 3 of your personally sponsored Distributors purchase an IP in the same month, you are qualified for that month’s Pool. You can earn even more by empowering your Distributors to get into the Pool with you. The more shares you have, the higher the percentage of the Pool you’ll earn!
(Bonus earned up to 12 times, or until you reach the rank of Contributor)
(Requires you having purchased an Initiate Pack)
Check Match
When you reach the Rank of Apprentice, you automatically start receiving a Check Match on the Uni Level Earnings of all of your personally sponsored Distributors. It starts at 10% and increases with each rank. As your people succeed, so do you!
Infinity Bonus
Starting at Contributor rank, Infinity Bonus pays you an infinite number of levels deep. The percentage grows as your rank increases. When someone in your business also earns Infinity Bonus, you receive the difference between your percentage and theirs.
Social Change Initiatives
Our commitment at New Phoenix Rising is to make a positive difference on our planet, in our communities and in our individual lives. Our contributions include several initiatives that are designed to create deep transformation in the world.
Feeding People
Every time anyone in your business achieves 3 is free money is allocated towards feeding hungry people in need.
Tribal Economy Network
When you reach the Trainer level, you are eligible to be featured on the New Phoenix Rising Corporate webpage for a short time. Our intention is to support your creativity, or soul work. How are you making a difference in the world? Through being featured in this way, all New Phoenix Rising members will potentially witness  your activities increasing your exposure immensely.
Think Locally Pool
Each quarter, New Phoenix Rising sets aside a substantial percentage of its corporate profits, up to one third of which is allocated for this bonus. Distributors at Contributor Rank and above can submit the names and information of a local non-profit of their choice that will then recieve a pro-rata share of these funds. The larger the member’s business, the larger their share of the pool is for any given month. In addition, New Phoenix Rising will match dollar for dollar, any additional donations of our Members up to the orginal amount of contribution. This unique initiative is a way of demonstrating our Members and New Phoenix Rising’s commitment to making a real difference in our local communnities by linking Distributor success to the charity’s well being.
 Avatar Fund
Designed to make a lasting evolutionary transformation by making a one-time contribution to “your” non-profit, the Avatar Fund is the highest award in New Phoenix Rising and is awared when you reach the Avatar level.
Terms & Qualifications
Being active is required to be paid any bonuses and is a monthly requirement. It means making a personal order of: 40 points in Phase 1 (1 BioLumina) 80 points in Phase 2-3 (2 BioLumina). Exceptions include: If you are 3 is Free qualified you are automatically considered active.
Personal Points
Are the number which is used to calculate Uni level bonuses paid upline and includes what you personally order and what your retail customers order. 
Group Points
Are the total of the Personal points of all of your Distributors
Personally Sponsored
Means those people, Distributors and Customers, whom you’ve personally referred to New Phoenix Rising.
Your Rank is determined by a combination of your Personal and Group Points, and the 3-2-1 Rule.
3-2-1 Rule
The 3-2-1 Rule is used to achieve and maintain any rank. In order to advance to or be paid as any level above member, in addition to the Personal & Group Points, you must have a minimum of: 3 Personally sponsored Distributors who are qualified no more than 2 ranks below your rank, and at least 1 of whom is no more than 1 rank below your rank. (A maximum of 1/2 of the points required to reach or maintain any level can come from any one leg in Phase 2 and 3.) Exceptions include: 1. All ranks in phase 1 are permanent once achieved (no need to re-qualify) 2. Reaching Novice or Explorer using IP purchases eliminates the 3-2-1 Rule for those 2 ranks.
Points Per Product
Rewards & Points By Rank