Rank Achievement Awards

We believe in creating balance in all aspects of our lives. One of the ways we create this balance is by giving and receiving. Every time you achieve a new rank we are excited to gift you a reward for your efforts. We put our minds and hearts together to develop useful and meaningful rewards to show our appreciation of YOU for all the grace you bring to this world. 



                                                                              Engraved Shaker Jar

Enjoy your BioLumina Spirulina the easy and convenient way by using our engraved glass shaker jar. 



                                                                                   Heirloom Seeds

Feed yourself and your friends for years to come with a bucket of specially packaged non-GMO organic Heirloom seeds. These seeds are packaged using an advanced “Vault” method of packaing, making them store at least twice as long as other seeds. 



                                                             Yoga Mat                                    REI Gift Card
Take the inner journey on your new yoga mat or the outer journey of an adventure with your REI Gift Card. Either way you’ll be enriched by these life supporting awards.
                                                             iPad Mini                                  Vitamix Blender
Signing up new Distributors with your new iPad Mini, or serving smoothies to your new customers are just 2 of many things you can do with these versatile awards. We bet that you can think of a few more!
                                             Trip To Hawaii          Permaculture      Jonah Intensive
Enjoy a relaxing trip to the beaches of Hawaii? Or would you prefer to improve your property by learning to master the art of Permaculture? Or perhaps you’d like to focus on your own spiritual development with a Jonah Intensive Seminar. The choice is up to you!
                                                        Hybrid Vehicle                                   Tiny House
Many Network Marketing companies give you a car payment. New Phoenix Rising gives you an eco friendly, hybrid car. Although If you’d rather have a Tiny Home, we completely understand!
                                                                                          Kins Domain
Have you ever wanted to live in harmony with nature; on your own property in community with conscious individuals who share your passion for creating Heaven on Earth? Here is your opportunity to do just that!
                                                                                          Tesla Vehicle 
Drive the ultimate eco friendly high performance luxury vehicle; the car of the future! This all-electric sedan has a range of travel like no other electric car and performs like a sports car.
                                                                                            Avatar Fund 
Designed to create lasting evolutionary transformation by making a one-time contribution to your non-profit, the Avatar Fund is the highest award in New Phoenix Rising and is awarded at Avatar level.
Ranks of Contributor and above require 3 consecutive months of qualifying 
at rank to earn the award.