Welcome to the family of New Phoenix Rising Distributors!

It is no accident that you are choosing to align yourself with the New Phoenix Rising tribe. Our intent is for you to use this vehicle to become the best version of yourself, assist your community and improve our world. If you are ready to dive into this adventure, we suggest that you order the Initiate Pack (see details below) to give yourself the best possible advantages in your new business. If you are not sure yet, you can always start with the Basic Distributorship and upgrade when you’re ready.

Once you have set up your account, it is easy to reorder. When you return to order again, you’ll need your username and password. Simply click on the Login button at the top of our home page and you’ll not have to re-enter any of your personal information while placing an order. Also, you can always call us if ordering or setting up an account online does not work for you.


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Basic Distributorship



Unlimited discounted product purchases forever


Your own online web-store (website) for your use


Get paid bonuses on all purchases made by those you refer to New Phoenix Rising


Access to training materials for Distributors


Access to the following commission bonuses:

Retail Bonus:

Get paid for purchases made by your Customers

3 is Free: 

Earn free BioLumina for having 3 active Customers

Uni Level Bonus: 

Various commissions on up to 8 generations of Distributors

Check Match:

Assist your Distributors to get bigger checks and yours grows too

Infinity Bonus: 

Earn on an infinite number of levels in your growing business

Rank Achievement Rewards:

Each Rank you achieve earns you bigger and better rewards 

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No obligation to build a business


No Autoship requirement


Upgrade to Business Builder Distributorship at any time by purchasing our Initiate Pack




One time $5 set-up fee


Social security (or federal tax ID) number required


To become a Basic Distributor click here


Business Builder Distributorship



Same as Basic Distributorship Plus all of the following


$5 fee waived


Automatic Rank Advance to Novice level (permanent)


Access to additional commission bonuses,

(higher payments) including:

Initiate Bonus:

Our most lucrative bonus for actively building Distributors

Builder Bonus:

5 times the normal payout on new Distributor purchases!

Thrive Pool:

Share in our worldwide sales!

Think Locally Bonus:

Create income for the nonprofit of your choosing

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One time purchase of an Initiate Pack


$300 + Shipping includes:

2 Jars of BioLumina Spirulina, 30 BioLumina Sample Packs 30 Brochures, and 1 Engraved Shaker Jar

Social security (or federal tax ID) number required


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