1. Parties. I understand that I am contracting with New Phoenix Rising, Inc. (“New Phoenix Rising” or “NPR”) for the promotion of certain sales as described below.

2. Agreement. The term “Agreement” shall mean the Member Application, the Compensation Plan, and the Policies and Procedures, and any other written agreement between me and NPR. I hereby agree to be bound by the Agreement. 

3. Compliance with Laws. I agree to comply with all applicable laws relevant to conduct of my activities as a Member under this Agreement. In particular (but without limitation), I must not make any actual or potentially misleading or deceptive claims in relation to commissions and other rewards that might be derived from conducting activities as an independent distributor of NPR, or in relation to NPR products.
4. Independent Contractor. NPR will not treat me as an employee for federal or state tax purposes.
5. I understand that in order to be a Distributor, I need to be at least 18 years of age.