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It is our natural ability to create whatever we might imagine in this life. New Phoenix Rising is a vehicle for both the creation of our deepest desires and a tool to refine our abilities and heal our wounds. Our starting points: the understanding of the need for healing, the awareness of a global shift occurring, the desire to make a meaningful contribution and the sense of urgency. By participating with New Phoenix Rising at any level, you are a part of the solution! Check out a partial list of the positive nonprofit contributions of New Phoenix Rising and its founders, both past and present. And if you are a Distributor, check out our Social Contribution Bonuses!

Featured Project

Although we are actively engaged in several Positive contributions, Meredith is our current main focus project

Meredith Project

Building Boats ~ Healing People

The focus of Meredith Project is teaching the art and craft of wooden boatbuilding and traditions of the sea to heal, inspire and empower young people. We are building a 90 foot wooden ship to create a mobile, intergenerational, healing platform that will serve many on their journey!

Recent Projects

The following nonprofit projects are either started by New Phoenix Rising founders or supported by New Phoenix Rising. They are ongoing projects which you can visit or learn more about through the links.

Wellness Kitchen

The Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center is a nonprofit organization in Templeton, CA whose mission is to provide Healing Foods to those in critical need, along with education, resources, and nourishing meals for individuals wanting to regain or sustain optimal health. New Phoenix Rising currently donates BioLumina to the Wellness Kitchen. In the past, we have also donated to another nonprofit called Food Not Bombs.

Whale & Dolphin Watch

The US Navy has permission to kill, maim & harass whales, dolphins & other cetaceans million of times per year! Whale and Dolphin Watch, founded by New Phoenix Rising CoFounder Lyndia Leonard, through its highly successful petition, created the public outcry to make a change in the Navy’s practices. for the history, visit the website. For the latest news, visit the Facebook page.

Beyond Radiation

We are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, through our food, water and ground precipitation. Few are willing to talk about it. Educate yourself at this dynamic Facebook page created and maintained by New Phoenix Rising founders, who have been involved with anti-nuclear activism for many decades. An informed public creates solutions!

Universal Education Foundation

The Universal Education Foundation offers a unique healing experience. Since 1986, the Foundation has worked with children and their families to create a balance in the family unit. The Foundation’s premise that if healing therapies of the past worked, we would live in a healed world.

Standing Rock

In this on-going crisis which involves more than just water rights, New Phoenix Rising and its network of Distributors has lent a hand by donating a substantial amount of BioLumina Spirulina to assist the Native people during the most critical part of their struggle.


Past Projects

These projects span many decades and include projects that New Phoenix Rising founders have either initiated or supported. Most of the nonprofits listed here are currently operating while a few have completed their missions.


Social Change Foundation

McKenzie River Gathering MRG


Cultural Arts Event

Oregon Country Faire


Credit Union

OUR Federal Credit Union

Domestic Violence prevention

CADA Citizens Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse




Charter Schools

ARC Lopez Island

Kanuikapono Kauai


Public Radio



Indigenous Wisdom

School of Guayusa


Anti-Bullying Teen Program

Challenge Day



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We are committed to be of assistance in the evolution of human consciousness. Through cultivating Authenticity, Congruence and Empowerment, and by enhancing people’s ability to choose Health, Abundance and love, we are fostering the development of Global Spiritual Community based on freedom, personal creativity and harmony with Nature.

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